Reception for new enlistment professionals

The number of professionals who enlist for the first time in schools has considerably increased over the past few years, either teachers or the rest of professionals : advisers/ consultants, nurses, monitors, etc. It is absolutely necessary for schools to be endowed with systematic reception mechanisms that should be known by everybody in order to help new enlistment professionals in their adaptation to the organisation (watch over the good working of the school) and help them to overcome the uncertainties and difficulties inherent in all process of change,as well.

In the work L'acollida als professionals de nova incorporació/ (The reception for new enlistment professionals) ( Caixa d'Eines , núm. 6, pp. 36-53) we consider the different aspects to be taken into account when establishing a reception protocol : process, actions, contents, materials, delimitation of responsabilities and putting in practice. That's when we realize that it is necessary to consider the technical aspects « what to do ? » but above all the relashionship ones « how to do it ? » and « who must do it ? ».


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