For a long time, I have been thinking over the idea of having a web site available, that would allow us to divulge all the work carried out over the last few years. It's nothing else but an old project that has become materialized (there are always motivating ideas that come first) only when the need, to facilitate the access to the study about the sixth hour, has made it impossible to be postponed.

This is a provisional web, done in a hurry, that aIlows us to get acquainted and to have access to the different works that have been realized. Little by little I will add personal information and information about the rest of colleagues. This information will be addressed to the students, to a virtual participation space in GROC, to the researches, to the training activities, to the courses and conferences, to the materials for student parents associations, informations, links, etc.

  You will have access to all these places in a free way, without any toll. This seems to me the most logical way to proceed (if we want them to be useful we must facilitate their access). All very simple (you merely have to go to the document and download it in your computer) and very handy both for me (saving time and work) and for you (you will be able to choose, examine and obtain what interests you).

You will find 40 documents approximately, in their original version, either in catalan or in spanish. I will be very delighted to know your impressions.

If you want to bring your ideas , express your opinion or if   you are interested in contributing to the development of our web, please contact us joan.teixido@udg.edu or jbofill1@xtec.cat
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