School atmosphere

When I am asked to summarize in a few words what we can do to improve the atmosphere in a school, I often answer: «Do all your best   to create a good atmosphere ». The progress of schools and the accomplishment of the social function that is being assigned to them, require an atmosphere of cordial relationship among teachers, service staff, pupils in general, families and the rest of educational agents.

The atmosphere of a school is something intangible that has an important incidence on the satisfaction of the professionals but also of the users, on the educational results and once and for all on the progress of the organization. In order to get a good school atmosphere we need more than fluid relationships. We must also pay attention to the work and the results, to the working dynamics. It is a question of finding a good balance for both dimensions.

The presentation El clima escolar. Dimensiones y factores/ School atmosphere. Dimensions and factors  corresponds to a training activity in which we realized a characterization of the school atmosphere; we present different instruments to make a diagnosis; we analyse the factors to be taken into account, and finally , we establish some ideas that should be considered for the improvement , intended to help school-leaders and teachers in general.
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