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Friends of GROC

GROC saw its birth in our desire to offer the results of our work to teachers and headmasters/mistresses. To make it possible we created a file to collect interesting evidences in paper format, that we have used in the different public functions, courses and other acts of training in which we have taken place.

During these 3 years of existence of the group, 914 persons from Catalonia and 632 more from the rest of the spanish state, have shown their interest in receiving information about the works that GROC realizes, in receiving proposals to take part in researches or training activities … in short in keeping a certain link despite their distance. If you want to incorporate yourself to this list of distribution you must download Ficha de Expresión de Interés / Interest Expression File, fill it in with your data and send it to jbofill1@xtec.cat



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