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Ludic day

The fundamental union tie around GROC is friendship; beyond work and projects, there are persons. Every year we organize a ludic day having as a sole objective to spend a good time together. Many teachers keep defending the need to organize outdoor camps for schoolchildren or to do excursions so that not only the pupils but also the form master/ teacher get to know each other better and to establish a relationship in an environment other than that   of school and work … In the groups of collaborative work , something similar happens: it is very important for people to get to know each other better and get in contact in a relaxed atmosphere, which has nothing to do with a work session or a training activity. With this intention if you are willing to walk, talk, relax, swim in unique little coves and discover a little spot on the Costa Brava you are invited to join us.

The activity is opened to everybody. It is a fact that the link among the greatest part of the attendants is their interest in improving the working of schools … but on that day we don't talk about professional subjects. It's only a matter of enjoying ourselves, inaugurating summer, relaxing … You can come with whoever you want: colleagues, friends, family...

The Programme for the Ludic Day 28-06-2008 includes:

a) Walking along the coves of Mont-ras and Palamós

b) Dinner at the Restaurant Mas Ferriol.

Depending on the time, journey, commitments… you can take part to both acts or only to one. For those coming from far away and planning a week-end on the Costa Brava with an “authochtonous guide”, I have elaborated a list of places where to stay for the night from Saturday to Sunday.

In order to forsee how many we will be, fill in the file confirm assistance with the following data (birthname and family name, e-mail and contact phone) and send it to joan.teixido@udg.edu . If you don't come alone use a registration for each person coming and note down wether you are coming together in the part of observations.

Come on! I'm waiting for you!




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